Berlin 2021

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Oral speakers of the 3rd International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences announced their decision to be shifted to Virtual presentation mode. Therefore, the IACRSS Organizing Committee decided to hold the conference entirely Online. The Virtual presentations were delivered via an online electronic forum (Webinar), where the participants engaged in lively discussions during the conference.

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Highlighted Speakers

Author Article Title Affiliation
social sciences conference Ms. Carla Rocavert Reality Television and the Change in the Character of Discourse University of Cape Town, France
social sciences conference Dr. Madhuparna Gupta The Nexus of India and the Gulf Cooperation Council: The Dynamics of
Partnership and Dissension
Saint Mary’s University, Canada
social sciences conference Dr.Thomas Ward Deconstructing Gangsterism in South African Legislation and Policy: Reframing Anti-Gang Strategies by Utilising At-Risk Definitions Unification Theological Seminary, USA
social sciences conference MSC.Turkmen Tore “By Faith Alone”: New Religions, Cult Experts, and the Media University Of Kyrenia, Cyprus
social sciences conference Ms.Sanlut Nengneithem Haokip Analysis Of Emotional Intelligence And Health Perception Of Abroad Students On An Island During The Quarantine IIT Guwahati, India
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Ruzhdi Kadrija Jus Post Bellum: Justice at the End of War University “Fehmi Agani”, Kosovo
social sciences conference Ms.Salma kaouthar letaief Effects of Implementing Critical Thinking on Improving Student Performance and Productivity in 9- Year Schools in the Gjakova Region Jordan University, Jordan
social sciences conference Ms.Shabnam Yousaf The Passive Female Antihero: In Search of Truce Quaid I Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan
social sciences conference Dr.Edit Bregu American Halloween: Enculturation, Myths And Consumer Culture University College Wisdom, Albania
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Yelena Mkhitaryan The Kosovo War And The End Of The Yugoslav Tragedy Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, Albania
social sciences conference Ms.Clara Viltoft A Comparative Study of Space and Time Transference of Main Characters in British and Armenian Fairy Tales s in British and Armenian Fairy Tales University of Cape Town, Denmark