Oxford 2019

Conference History

On the 8th-10th of November in the city of Oxford, UK we hosted the 2019 edition of the International Academic Conference on Social Science (IACRSS). We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the attendees. Let’s recap on what made IACRSS 2019 so special:

  • The event represented a truly diverse audience. Academics, scholars, graduate and post-graduate students, researchers, and members of relevant research, as well as non-profit organizations from all over the world, flew out to Oxford – Israel, the United States, Nigeria, China, Poland, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Greece, Indonesia, Sweden, and others.
  • The program, carefully curated by the scientific committee, featured insightful presentations. Here are just a couple of examples of the topics covered: binge eating addiction, laboring and living abroad, communication skills in Roma children, socioeconomic status and family structure, and many more.
  • The program of the event also featured a free guided tour of Oxford. Each attendee got a chance to explore this beautiful and historic city and admire its architecture.

We are looking forward to welcoming back many returning attendees and getting to know the newcomers. Hope to see you at IACRSS 2023!